New RuneScape Quest, Ancient Awakening, On the Way

RuneScape Will Soon Get a New Quest for Players to Enjoy

Today marks the highly anticipated launch of “Ancient Awakening” in the world of RuneScape, a momentous update that heralds the dawn of a new era within the realm of this beloved fantasy MMORPG. This remarkable addition to the game’s content is the inaugural installment of the Necromancy season, following in the wake of the earlier Necromancy launch that transpired earlier this year. As RuneScape adventurers eagerly embark on this latest journey, they will find themselves unraveling the intricate threads of the mystical and enigmatic island known as Ungael.

Accompanying players on their expedition is a diverse and intriguing adventuring party, consisting of enigmatic warrior The Raptor, Asther the butler, and Bill, the skilled architect who played a prominent role in the previous season, Fort Forinthry. This eclectic assembly of characters will soon discover that a potent and ominous ritual is unfolding on Ungael, a ritual that threatens to unleash catastrophic consequences upon the entire world of Gielinor. The quest that unfolds before them will demand courage, skill, and determination as they strive to thwart the nefarious plans of the malevolent necromancer Zemouregal. In doing so, they will prepare themselves for an epic showdown against a formidable new boss set to debut in November.

Moreover, “Ancient Awakening” introduces an exhilarating player versus monster combat activity designed to put players’ necromantic combat prowess to the ultimate test. They will find themselves locked in intense battles against hordes of Zemouregal’s minions. The unique aspect of this activity lies in its dynamic nature, with each run of the Ungael Arena presenting fresh challenges, ensuring that players must adapt and strategize anew with every attempt. Triumphing in this formidable encounter will reward players with coveted titles, exclusive weapon cosmetics, and the iconic outfit of The Raptor.

For the RuneScape skillers among us, “Ancient Awakening” unveils an expansion of the Fort Forinthry area, complete with the addition of the Botanist’s Bench. This invaluable addition will aid players in crafting the necessary Necromancy potions required for the upcoming boss battle in November. The cheerful presence of Granny Rowan will provide assistance in decanting brews while regaling players with her charming anecdotes.The Necromancy skill itself is a standalone combat proficiency introduced in August, coinciding with a substantial expansion that brought with it a new hub area, a selection of nine fresh quests, and two formidable boss encounters. Notably, Necromancy is accessible to all players up to level 20 and scales up to level 120 for those RuneScape Members. For those seeking further details, a wealth of information can be found on the official RuneScape website.

RuneScape is now accessible on various platforms, including PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, offering a seamless cross-platform experience with shared progression and gameplay between PC and mobile devices. This accessibility ensures that RuneScape enthusiasts can embark on their adventures wherever and whenever they desire, bringing the world of Gielinor to their fingertips.