No Stone Unturned Demo Is Now Live on Steam

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The indie video game developer Wise Monkey Entertainment just released a demo version of their upcoming title No Stone Unturned. It is now available on PC and Mac via Steam.

No Stone Unturned is a comedic noir detective RPG. You play as Cox, a red squirrel on his journey to become the greatest detective in the world. Unfortunately, he got hit on his head, and don’t have any memory of what actually happened.

No Stone Unturned

The game takes place in a soft and quaint little town called Orchard Under Hill. It is located in the British Countryside and brings hot fuzz to fuzzy little animals. You will be responsible for choosing your own path, hunting for clues, solving the cases, and finally saving the town.

There are 18 townfolks that you will get to meet along the way throughout your investigations. The game has over 35 hours of detective-themed puzzle and minigame action with multiple endings. It also features a beautiful 2D pixelated graphics.

Overall, it is a great detective game that will appeal to all the gamers. We are sure that players will experience an exciting cinematic adventure. If you are a fan of this genre, then give this game a chance.

Make sure to watch the official demo gameplay video below.