Trace Hunters Is Blasting the Enemies in the Demo on Steam

Shoot the Enemies Down in Trace Hunters

The indie game development studio Moon Mantis Games has announced that a demo version of Trace Hunters is now available on Steam. You can dive right into it and start shooting off enemies in an awesome futuristic combat vehicle. The game is coming out this year as well, so stay tuned for more updates.

Trace Hunters

Trace Hunters is a third-person shooter where you pilot a futuristic combat vehicle and take down hordes of enemies. You are alone and enemies are outnumbered, and you have to travel through an unforgiving terrain to discover resources and traces of lost technology. Along the way, you will unlock new weapons to take on even greater challenges.

The story takes place in the distant past where the Cassarians thrived as a highly advanced civilization. Cassara were able to propel civilization forward at a staggering pace using the the vast crystalline mineral deposits on their planet. Most of these crystals served mundane purposes, the most precious one called the Cassinite paved the way to a Golden Age of Wealth and exploration.

This allowed them to accelerate technological development, allowing them to travel throughout the known galaxy and beyond. However, with time the resources and its reserves depleted, resulting in a mass exodus. A small portion of the population remained on the planet, determined to preserve it. The once-thriving civilization now poses significant challenges for them.

Step inside the shoes of a Trace Hunter, the few who dare venture between the safety of civilization. Discover precious resources of the past and traces of lost technology as you fight through hordes of ancient Servitors.