Mega Bloks Pikachu Building Set on Sale on Amazon

Pikachu Enters the World of Mega Bloks

When it comes to imaginative building block toys, Lego is a household name, but for those seeking something a bit different, Mega Bloks offers a refreshing and energetic option. Their fully mechanized Pikachu building set is a delightful choice for Pokemon enthusiasts. Unlike Lego, the Mega Bloks set features a more organic and curvaceous design, making it an exciting departure from the traditional blocky aesthetics. And here’s the best part: you can grab this officially licensed Nintendo toy set, originally priced at $97, now available for a fantastic deal at $49.59 on Amazon.

This playful set comprises 1,095 pieces that allow you to construct a dynamic Pikachu with animated features. By turning a hand-activated crank, you’ll set Pikachu’s legs and feet into a lively running motion. This movement also causes the tail to swing, adding to the delightful animation. The remaining pieces are ingeniously used to assemble a buildable display case within a rocky-path environment.

What sets this building experience apart is its customization features. The base of the display case accommodates a Pikachu nameplate that can be easily changed, giving you the choice between English and Japanese versions. As you construct Pikachu, you’ll notice the iconic smile that captures the character’s cheerful spirit, along with the intricate black accents on its plastic fur. The finishing touch is the adorable lightning bolts emanating from the electrical pouches on Pikachu’s cheeks.

If Pikachu isn’t your sole Pokemon favorite, you’re in luck. Mega Bloks offers discounted sets for other beloved Pokemon characters. The Charizard set, usually priced at $140, is now available for $100. Gyarados, another fan favorite, can be yours for $113.40 instead of the original $172. And last but not least, the Butterfree set, regularly priced at $65, is currently on sale for $52.

In summary, Mega Bloks’ Pikachu Building Set is a fantastic way to engage your inner Pokemon enthusiast. Its dynamic and animated features, combined with playful design elements, provide a delightful experience for fans of all ages. Don’t miss the chance to capture Pikachu’s infectious energy while enjoying significant savings during this special Amazon deal.