Fanatical Introduces a Build Your Own Frightmare Bundle

Fanatical Will Help You Get The Ultimate Halloween Gaming Treat

Just in time for Halloween, Fanatical has unveiled a spine-chilling opportunity for gamers to curate their own petrifying PC gaming collection. The Build Your Own Frightmare Bundle lets you handpick up to seven titles from a harrowing list of 20 horror and dark fantasy games, ensuring your Halloween gaming experience is both thrilling and terrifying. This devilish deal offers a range of pricing tiers, starting at just $5 for three games, moving up to five games for $8, and allowing you to max out your frightful bundle with seven games for only $10.

The list of games included in this macabre offer is a treasure trove of horror and dark fantasy delights. Whether you’re a fan of action-horror, atmospheric experiences, or narrative-driven adventure games, there’s something in this bundle to send shivers down your spine. Action-horror enthusiasts can sink their teeth into titles like The Beast Inside and Daymare: 1998. For those who prefer a more eerie atmosphere, games like Escape the Backrooms and Home Sweet Home are on the menu. Narrative-focused adventure lovers will find spine-tingling gems in House, The Coma: Deluxe, and Spirit Hunter: Death Mark.

If you’re in the mood for RPGs or action titles with a sinister twist, there’s a variety of dark delights to choose from. Immerse yourself in the bleak, sci-fi world of the Souls-like Hellpoint, explore the haunting metroidvania FPS Hands of Necromancy, or embark on an old-school turn-based RPG adventure in Vampire Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm. And if you crave a bit more variety in your Halloween gaming lineup, there are five Dread X Collections available to add to your bundle. Each collection features a tantalizing array of bite-sized horror-themed games from various genres.

Besides the treasure trove of games, every Frightmare bundle contains a 5%-off coupon code for a future Fanatical purchase, ensuring your gaming nightmares continue even after Halloween. It’s worth noting that all game keys included in this bundle are redeemable via Steam, providing you with a seamless and spine-tingling gaming experience.

So, dive into the darkness and construct your perfect Halloween gaming collection with Fanatical’s Build Your Own Frightmare Bundle. With this bundle, your Halloween is guaranteed to be a hauntingly good time!