Slider- A Unique Puzzle Game by randomerz

Manipulate the World in Slider

Gamers, prepare to slide some tiles! Slider by the indie developer randomerz is sure to become a unique and innovative title. It is a 2D puzzle-exploration game based on the 8-puzzle. The demo version of the game is available on Steam right now.

In Slider, players control a character in a world that is divided into 8 puzzle pieces. It has nine unique areas to explore and many mysteries to unravel. The main goal is to reconnect all the pieces of the world. It is played on a grid-based map. The player can move the pieces by sliding them into adjacent squares. Only after solving each puzzle, the player can reach the exit.


The game features a variety of different puzzles, including logic puzzles, environmental puzzles, and physics puzzles. Players will need to use their ingenuity and problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges. It also has a number of different enemies and hazards. The player must use their intelligence and skills to avoid enemies and hazards and to solve the puzzles in order to progress through the game.

The visuals are also quite impressive as it features a pixelated art style that is both beautiful and whimsical. The game’s soundtrack is also quite good and has a variety of catchy tunes.

Overall, it is a great puzzle game for players of all ages. It is challenging but rewarding, and it offers a unique and innovative gameplay experience. So, hurry up and put this title on your wish list.