Great Deals Are Available for Steam Users on the Intrigue Bundle

The Intrigue Bundle Is Available at Amazing Discounts for Steam Users

Steam users are offered a startling 97% discount on the Intrigue Bundle, which includes $151 worth of mystery-themed games for just $4.99. Still Life, Syberia, and Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders are a few games included in the package.

As one may infer from the package’s name, “Intrigue Bundle,” it is wholly dedicated to adventure games in the detective and mystery genres. Even those who don’t consider themselves fans of the genre should look at this bundle, even if not everyone will appreciate this type of game.

Steam Deal

The most excellent Steam deals occasionally feature bundles that let consumers buy many games at once for a fraction of the price it would usually cost to buy each game separately. Occasionally, the platform makes these Steam bundle deals available, but other times, they come from other places.

Fanatical regularly offers incredible savings on Steam bundles, and on rare occasions, it even permits customers to acquire free games in return for subscribing to its email.

Even if you don’t enjoy detective games, the $5 price tag for 11 games is difficult to refuse, and you could find a new genre you like. It’s unsure how many are available or how long the discount offer will last, so those interested in the new Fanatical Steam deal should grab it quickly.