Nintendo Boasts One of the Best Employee Retention Rates in Japan

Nintendo Has One of the Most Outstanding Employee Retention Rates in Japan

The staff retention rate for Nintendo is 98.9%, above the national average of 70%, attributable to elements including brand power and a robust employee welfare program. Employee motivation is boosted by the gaming firm’s comprehensive welfare programs, which include paid time off and childcare services.

The business study from Japan claims that several elements, including well-being and the power of the brand, contributed to Nintendo receiving such a high grade. The corporation maintains a steady staff despite any divisive business decisions and problems admirers may have had with the organization.


The figures for new hiring and the present employment market were given in a rough translation of a Japanese business publication, biz-journal. The report claims that, on average, 70% of new hires in Japan retain their jobs.

Generally speaking, this indicates that 30% of new hires leave a firm within the first three years. The staff retention rate at Nintendo is 98.9%, which is excellent. This can be attributed to its strong brand reputation and commitment to creating innovative and successful products. This attracts top talent and fosters a positive work environment that encourages employee loyalty and longevity.

As a result, it remains a leading player in the gaming industry, consistently delivering beloved franchises and captivating gaming experiences to its global fanbase.