Farming Simulator 22: Oxbo Pack Available Now

Farming Simulator 22: Oxbo Pack Has Released Today With an Exciting Launch Trailer

Exciting news for Farming Simulator 22 enthusiasts! GIANTS Software has unveiled the Oxbo Pack, featuring cutting-edge specialized harvesting and application machinery from Oxbo, the renowned global manufacturer. This addition brings a range of versatile, visually stunning, and efficient machines to the game, catering to grape harvesting and manure application needs.

Watch the trailer here:

Whether you’re tending to vineyards or handling manure, the Oxbo Pack offers top-notch solutions. The Oxbo 6030 multi-function grape harvester, with its configurable design, can also serve as a high-performance sprayer, showcasing the game’s dedication to authenticity and detail.


In the Oxbo Pack, you’ll find the Oxbo AT4103 and AT5105 applicators, designed for maneuverability and precision when dealing with manure and slurry applications. These machines feature powerful front wheels and steerable rear axles, making manure application surprisingly enjoyable. For those involved in grassland activities, the Oxbo 2340 forage merger with its 12-meter working width boosts forage production efficiency, employing Oxbo’s innovative triple-merger concept.

Farming Simulator 22

These fantastic additions are available on PC and consoles and are part of the Year 2 Season Pass, saving fans up to 30% compared to purchasing the content separately. Farming Simulator 22 enthusiasts can look forward to even more exciting content, as the Year 2 Season Pass includes three additional packs and a Premium Expansion set to launch in November.

With the Oxbo Pack’s arrival, Farming Simulator 22 continues to evolve, offering players a more immersive and realistic farming experience. So, gear up, get ready, and let the farming adventures begin!