Farming Simulator 22 Introduces New Map Zielonka

Farming Simulator 22 Showcases New Map “Zielonka” in an Exciting New Trailer

Farming Simulator 22 enthusiasts, get ready to embark on a farming journey in the heart of Central Europe. The upcoming Premium Expansion is set to launch alongside the Premium Edition on November 14th.

GIANTS Software introduced players to a new village called Zielonka. This new location is a Central European gem inspired by the charm of Germany’s neighbours like Poland and the Czech Republic.

Zielonka isn’t just a stunning backdrop, it offers fertile soil for cultivating an array of new vegetable crops. With these additions, the game’s crop count expands to an impressive twenty varieties. But that’s not all – specialized harvesters and tools designed for these new crops will be at your disposal.

One unique aspect of Zielonka is its unexpected connection to the world of music. In addition, within this idyllic landscape is a renowned piano manufacturer. As a farmer, you can contribute to the construction of keyboard instruments by supplying the essential wooden planks. Moreover, each piano crafted becomes a source of revenue, adding a melodious twist to your farming profits.

Farming Simulator 22

As you cultivate your crops, contribute to piano construction, and support local industries, keep an eye out for collectibles hidden in Zielonka. Farming Simulator 22’s Premium Expansion promises an immersive and diverse farming experience that will have you exploring, and harvesting Central Europe.

Get ready to immerse yourself in this world when Farming Simulator 22’s Premium Edition and Premium Expansion launch on November 14th. The expansion will be available on PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. With exciting new features, don’t miss the opportunity to build your agricultural empire amidst the serenity of Zielonka.