SPRAWL Official Launch Trailer Released – Watch It Now

Are You Ready to SPRAWL?

Rogue Games just dropped the official launch trailer of the new game SPRAWL and it is looking intense. The game presents a relentless cyberpunk world through the lens of a hardcore first-person shooter. It is available now on Steam and Epic Games.

Players must try to escape the captivity of the city by demolishing all the military forces of the sprawl. Above all, the game draws heavy inspiration from titles like Doom and Quake.


The advancements in technology have pushed humanity to a new modern era. But it soon starts to crumble, leaving behind a dystopian world.

Step into the shoes of SEVEN, a once-respected super soldier from special operations, now tarnished and tangled in a deadly showdown against government forces determined to end her life. Amidst this perilous struggle, an enigmatic voice resonates within her mind, urging her to persevere.

Abandoned by the organization she served, SEVEN is on a mission to topple the Junta. It is an authoritarian military rule reigning with unrelenting control over the city.

Her path is one of betrayal and vengeance as she navigates the treacherous terrain. Fight to break free from the confines of the walled metropolis. Beyond survival, SEVEN harbors a higher purpose—to expose the truths concealed within the towering SPIRE.

As she charts her course through adversity, players will experience her journey to unravel secrets that could reshape the destiny of the entire expanse.

Get ready to run, jump, and shoot down every enemy that crosses your path.

Make sure to check out the official launch trailer below.