Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition Come With Premium Items

One-Winged Devil

Just days before Gamescom’s reveal of Tekken 8, rumors of a leaked release date began swirling. The rumored release date was January 26th, 2024, which ended up being true. Now that we have the release confirmed, Bandai Namco has begun pre-order sales for the Premium Collector’s Edition.

Most fighting games lean on their digital content for their deluxe edition, which this game has. However, there are some really great physical items as well. The big ticket item is the 25cm statue of “Electrified Jin”. It appears glow at the base and on the wing.

Tekken 8

The other physical items in the Tekken 8 Premium Collector’s Edition include a steelbook case, eight glossy collectible cards, 5 arcade tokens, and a Leroy Smith metal ring and velvet pouch.

There is a bunch of digital content as well. Each edition beyond the standard edition comes with the Year 1 Character Pass (4 characters), Gold Suit Pack (32 costumes), and dozens of avatar items. Your in-game avatar will get skins for Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Kinjin, and 32 Classic Tekken T-shirts.

Pre-ordering any edition of Tekken 8 will come with a 5-piece Paul Phoenix Set for your in-game avatar. The non-premium Collector’s Edition is cheaper, but the Jin statue is non-electrified, so what’s even the point, right?

Tekken 8 will be coming out on January 26th, 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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