Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo Remembers Ferret Baudoin From Starfield

Starfield: Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo Remembers Former Colleague Ferret Baudoin

Starfield Design Lead Emil Pagliarulo recently remembered his old colleague Ferret Baudoin, who passed away last year. Baudoin was a skilled and gifted designer known for his marvellous work on successful game titles like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout 76.


Baudoin’s talent and creativity left a lasting impact on the gaming industry, inspiring countless aspiring designers. His attention to detail and ability to create immersive worlds made him a true visionary in the field. Despite his untimely passing, Baudoin’s legacy continues to shine through the incredible games he helped bring to life.

Both Emil and Ferret had worked together on the scientific fiction titled Starfield. The full details regarding the sci-fi title have not yet been revealed. However, Emil’s fond memories of working with Ferret serve as a testament to the immense talent and creativity that went into the development of Starfield. Fans eagerly await the unveiling of this highly anticipated game, hoping it will live up to the legacy left behind by Ferret’s exceptional design contributions.


Baudoin functioned as the lead quest designer in Fallout 76. While working as a game designer, he worked on various successful titles, like the three Dragon Age games and Neverwinter Nights 2. Bethesda Game Studios appointed him.

Baudoin’s extensive experience in game design and his previous work on critically acclaimed titles make him a valuable addition to the team behind Starfield. With his expertise, fans can expect a captivating and immersive gameplay experience that matches Bethesda’s reputation for delivering top-notch games.

Recently, Emil Pagliarulo recalled collaborating with his old colleague Ferret Baudoin while working together at Starfield. The design lead posted a Twitter thread mentioning that he had a good time working with Ferret. Starfield is no doubt one of the most awaited releases of the year.

Fans eagerly await any news or updates on the highly anticipated game. Emil Pagliarulo’s positive experience working with Ferret Baudoin only adds to Starfield’s excitement. With such a talented and experienced team behind it, there is no doubt that the game will live up to its hype and deliver an unforgettable gaming experience for fans.