GTA 5 Reclaims No. 1 Spot in Europe Due to Digital Summer Sales

GTA 5 Tops the European Monthly Charts

European monthly charts are out and GTA 5 regained its No.1 status all thanks to the digital summer sales.

In July, a total of 11.6 million console and PC games were sold. Moreover, there was a 34% increase in game sales across Europe compared to the same period in 2022. Digital downloads were up by 60% with a total number of 7.9 million approximately. While physical sales went up by just 0.2% with a total number of 3.75 million.


This data is based on GSD and includes digital and physical sales from the major AAA game publishers across Europe. Summer promotions on PlayStation and Xbox platforms also affected the chart.

This resulted in Grand Theft Auto 5 reclaiming the top spot and Red Dead Redemption 2 securing the third position. Last month, both the games received notable discounts on consoles, especially for PlayStations.

Nintendo Switch exclusive Pikmin 4 achieved its highest chart position at No.11, making it the top-ranking new game. Its sales increased by 81% compared to the performance of Pikmin 3: Deluxe in October 2020.

Regarding hardware, there were 493,000 gaming consoles sold across monitored European nations. This marks a 62.5% increase from July 2022 but represents a 2% decrease compared to June of the current year.

The PS5 asserted a commanding lead for the month, experiencing a substantial 244% increase in console sales compared to the same period last year. Strong price promotions contributed to its notable 24% rise in sales compared to June. Impressively, PS5 sales across the monitored regions have surged by 203% year-to-date.

The Nintendo Switch concluded the month in the runner-up position. It experienced a 9% decrease in sales compared to July 2022. As for the year-to-date figures, its sales remained unchanged from 2022.

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