Starfield Timeline and History Revealed By Bethesda

Nearly 200 Years of Space

Everyone keeping up with gaming news has heard of Starfield. Not as many people know what it is actually about. As far as many gamers are concerned, it’s just Fallout in space, and that’s all they need. However, what Bethesda excels at is world-building, and for that you need lore and story.


The game launches next month, so before you drop into the middle of space, you might want to understand what is and has been going on. Bethesda has released a timeline from 2050-2328, marking moments in mankind’s life in space to where Starfield takes place. If you aren’t really a history buff or don’t like information in timeline-form, we got your back.


In 2050, humans first started to live on Mars. Over the next hundred years, humans began living in space and the United Colonies were formed in 2159. In the following years, other colonies started to settle and formed their own alliance, Freestar Collective, in 2189.

In 2194, United Colonies forms a star station called The Clinic in orbit of a planet called Deepala in the Narion system. The Narion system planets see this as an act of aggression and join the Freestar Collective. FC mobilizes forces to the Narion system, which is considered an act of aggression toward the United Colonies. A conflict called the Narion War begins.

The Narion War lasts 20 years, after which the Treaty of Narion between factions is signed in 2216. In 2221, the Freestar Collective forms Freestar Rangers, an elite protective and investigative force to serve citizens of FC. In 2275, a new faction called Constellation is formed. Freestar Collective begins farming on planet Vesta in 2307, which United Colonies claims violates the Treaty of Narion, sparking the Colony Wars.

The Colony Wars ends in 2311, after Freestar Collective begin using military and civilian crafts and unconventional tactics to defeat major ships in United Colonies Navy. In 2314, United Colonies begin forming UC Vanguard, their own civilian navy, with promises of UC citizenship. More and more major investors, scientists, and manufacturers join Constellation. In 2328, Constellation establishes a deep space scanner they call The Eye, which is when our story begins.

Starfield comes out on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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