Starfield Bomber Jacket Available From Insert Coin

Constellation Standard Issue

The launch of Starfield is just under a month away. Xbox and Xbox fans are hoping for this game to be a major win. With all the success of PlayStation and their exclusives, Microsoft needs this. For those of you who are excited for this game, check out this bomber jacket from Insert Coin.

Insert Coin is a video game apparel retailer. They have made clothing inspired by all sorts of games, including Horizon: Forbidden West, Persona, Elden Ring, and Overwatch, just to name a few. Instead of replicas of in-game clothing items, these articles of clothing are pretty standard jackets, t-shirts, and hoodies that fellow eagle-eyed fans will recognize.


The Starfield bomber jacket is navy blue with grey cuffs and collar. It has two buttoned pockets on the in the front, as well as a small zipped pocket on the left sleeve. The zipped pocket has a tag that says “Into the Starfield” and the right sleeve has the Constellation logo on it. The front has a patch labeled “Flight Crew” and the back has the game’s logo.

Insert Coin’s bomber jacket is just $85 USD and is expected to ship sometime between mid and late September. If you buy it now, it won’t arrive in time for the release of the game, but who cares? Are you really going to be going outside once it launches?

Starfield will be coming out on September 6th for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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