Insert Coin Is Making Stylish Horizon: Forbidden West Merch

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The charm and wonder of Horizon: Zero Dawn took the PlayStation 4 by storm in 2017. Now we are anticipating the arrival of the PC version next month and the sequel next year. The Horizon series has that setting of so-far-in-the-future-it’s-primitive, mixing elements like hunting bows and tribes with giant mechanical creatures. The blend of ancient and technologically advanced styles inspired a few clothing items made by Insert Coin. While you may not be wearing pelts, fur, and feathers like Aloy, you can see similarities to her clothes.

Horizon: Forbidden West Merch

Insert Coin has made three different items inspired by the Horizon series; a beanie, a jacket, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt has a simple horizontal striped pattern, but has a chibi-style Tremortusk embroidered on the left breast. It sells for £23.99. The beanie is pretty cool. It is a copper color, like Aloy’s hair, and has a Focus pinned to the side. It may not be wearable like a Bluetooth headset, but it’s a neat addition to the hat. The beanie costs £27.99. The jacket is called Aloy 2.0. It is a corduroy jacket, also colored copper-like, with a polyester-lined collar. The front has a Seeker logo on it and the back has another symbol to Horizon fans. The jacket has two side-pockets and two buttoned breast-pockets. It costs £84.99.

Insert Coin has a ton of popular officially licensed video game merchandise, so you know that their products are well worth your coin. These three Horizon items can be pre-ordered now and will ship sometime in August, so you can wear them while you play Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. Horizon: Zero Dawn is out now for PS4 and will be coming to PC on August 7th, and Horizon: Forbidden West will debut on PS5 in 2021.

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Source: Insert Coin