New Diablo 4 Patch Turns its Weakest Class into a Punchline

Diablo 4 Sorcerers Have a No Good, Very Bad Day

Sorcerers have had a rough time of it in Diablo 4. Falling at the bottom of the game’s pecking order was bad, but at least they had tools to pretend they could compete. Like a bug that offered a significant damage-per-second boost against staggered bosses. Wouldn’t it be funny if that bug was patched? What’s that, “no”, you say?

The developers disagreed. It’s gone now.

Devouring Blaze, a skill Sorcerers relied on, was also nerfed.

They also nerfed the defensive value of gear, almost across the board. Which doesn’t sound bad on its own, since everyone needs good gear. “We have seen that skillful players are frequently slaughtering monsters many levels above their own,” the Diablo 4 developers argued. “We want to support this, but the current situation is beyond what we believe is correct for the long-term health of the game.

This would be fine, if sorcerers shared a trick that other classes had: “having defensive powers.” Sorcerers are far more reliant on their gear’s stats for survival, especially late in the game. As a result, this nerf hit them particularly hard.

Finally achieving the comedic rule of three, Activision Blizzard‘s apparent crusade against the funny magic users left them as the butt of the joke. And it’s got players laughing to exactly the degree you’re thinking of. “It’s a giant F U in my opinion to a class that already player asserts.

Another fan takes things a step further. “Imagine nerfing the damage of the worst late-game class by half then adding a defensive spell buff that will not affect their ability to survive a single hit from an elite in 90+ NM dungeons lol. These people are actual clowns, do they even play their own game past 50 NM dungeons?