Why Your Diablo 4 Horse is Moving So Slow

Kick your Diablo 4 Horse into High Gear with This Trick

So, your horse in Diablo 4 is moving super slowly, right? You try and make it run, and it decides to cosplay a snail for a bit. If that sounds relatable, there’s actually an easy fix!

Move your mouse far away.

No, really.

This funky trick was first posted on the Diablo 4 subreddit, by user u/Floridaman156

Discourse includes such insightful comments as: “What

Naturally, this trick only applies to mounted movement. You won’t get any boost to your walking speed, no matter how energetically you flail your mouse.

Now, where things get interesting is in speculation around why exactly such a strange “bug”(?) exists on the pc version of the game. The running theory is that it’s a holdover from the console version; specifically, a way to measure how far the player’s moved the control stick. A small input is analogous to the mouse being relatively close to “center”, aka your character. But a big input puts the stick far away, on the furthest possible edge.

At the very least, an explanation like this would thoroughly explain this complaint’s existence on PC alone. We’ll have to wait for a developer response to confirm anything, but more likely options have yet to show up.

But hey, now you know. And now that you know, you can have your horse sprint along with the best of them.

Aside from this oddity, how are you enjoying Diablo 4? How far have you gotten into the game? Are there any features you’d love to see in a new update? We’d love the hear from you in the comments down below!