3 Extra Features We’re Hoping to See in Starfield

It has been quite some time since we had a Bethesda RPG release on the scale of Starfield. Despite being as popular now as ever, Skyrim is really starting to show its age and we’re all clamoring for the interplanetary new release. Like Skyrim, veteran fans know that the main game is only the beginning, and while we’re still waiting, here are 3 extras we’re hoping to see.


Devoted Skyrim fans will know that the game’s civil war, one of the key extra features and a big chunk of gameplay, was actually cut down massively from the original plan. Before it got put aside due to development time, it was slated to be a huge, map-spanning war with strategic troop controls and more.

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Given that Starfield will be set across multiple worlds, it would be high time for a conquest comeback. Controlling massive fleets of ships or marshaling troops to attack settlements and take control of worlds is something missing from RPG games and would fit right in with Bethesda’s aims of making this a truly massive experience. It would also serve as an excellent backdrop for the planned ship combat mechanics and add an entire extra layer to the game universe.

In-Game Entertainment and Gambling

For a series that focuses so much on the world-building aspect, one area that the Elder Scrolls series has been conspicuously short on is games and entertainment in the world. Short of the various arenas which only loosely count, there have been few of the games around that would naturally exist in a living world.

Between all the worlds of Starfield, this could be the perfect chance. Online gambling has taken off in popularity in a big way since Skyrim dropped, so games like The Witcher’s Gwent could really do well.

Starfield could incorporate an in-game live casino experience, employing a charismatic holographic host to deal the cards to a group of online players in a game of virtual poker. There’s a growing popularity of these types of games as shown by the boom in the live online casino UK and US iGaming markets. Live-streamed gaming experiences appeal to players looking for an authentic casino experience to play at home and Bethesda could certainly bring something new to the scene with in-game casino entertainment.

Mysteries Upon Mysteries

Fallout, Fable, The Witcher – nothing completes a fantasy world without some dark, hidden mysteries lurking somewhere just beneath the surface. While these land-based worlds lean into things like the Cthulhu mythos and hidden, ancient creatures, Starfield has the opportunity to go to all-new levels of deep, edge-of-the-galaxy mystery.

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We already know that the game is set to feature 1000s of procedurally-generated worlds but there are equally endless possibilities for wormholes, forgotten worlds, and long-lost civilizations to appear in the farthest reaches. Going by Bethesda’s track record, this one is less of a hope and more of a likelihood as they love working complex conspiracies and secrets into their games. The bigger question is just how deep and extensive they manage to go with this title.

Of course, with so little confirmed about the title, it’s important not to get too many hopes up. After all, we’ve seen plenty of games killed off quickly by their own hype. However, any of the above would be much appreciated by old fans and new players alike.