Marvel and Stern Pinball Announce Collaboration on Pinball Game

Step Into the World of Venom 

As far as Marvel antiheroes go, Venom is probably at the top of a lot of lists. The iconic symbiote is one of the most famous of Spiderman’s nemeses and often has his own crazy stories going on in the background. Luckily for gamers, now they can step into another of these stories. Today, Marvel and Stern Pinball have announced a new line of pinball games featuring none other than Venom. Inviting players to step into Venom’s chaotic world, the game introduces multiple characters from the Spiderman franchise and unique gameplay. A press release provides more details on the pinball game. Additionally, a new story trailer gives players a look at the characters of the game. 

Stern Pinball Venom

The Venom Pinball game allows players to step into the role of the titular symbiote. Of course, he hasn’t come to the world alone. His arch-enemy Carnage is on a mission to summon Knull, the symbiote God. Venom must do anything in his power to stop Carnage and save the world. Luckily he won’t be alone. At the start of every game, players can select a different host for Venom to use. Importantly, this will change the way the pinball is played. Interestingly, players can select from over 20 iconic characters from Eddy Brock to Miles Morales, Gwen Stacey, and of course, Peter Parker. It’s up to the player to bash an interactive, custom-sculpted Carnage captive ball back into Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. 

Importantly, players can check out the new story trailer for a step into Venom’s Marvel world. View the trailer below. 

The Stern Venom Pinball Game will be making its first appearance at Stern Pinball’s official booth (#3721) and at the Stern Pop-up Arcade at the Marriott Marquis, July 19 – 23rd. Pricing for one of the 1000 available games ranges from $6999-$12999.