Scarf Announces Console Versions Arriving in July

A Summer Scarf

Attention console players, it’s almost time to enter an enchanting and mystical world. Embark on a journey of hope, reflection, and beauty. Today, Uprising Studios announced that its 3D platforming adventure, Scarf, is coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles on July 6th. The game asks players to embark on a journey with an enchanted scarf companion. A release about the console versions of the game provides more details. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for the game for a glimpse of what they can expect.

Scarf Feature

Scarf is an adventure-puzzle game that sees the player character journeying through three different worlds. Importantly, they won’t be on this adventure alone. Alongside them is their mystical polymorphic scarf in the shape of a dragon. Of course, the scarf will be integral to the player’s progression through the game. The scarf will learn new abilities to help players progress through each world specifically ocean, meadow, and desert. Each of these worlds will come with its own unique mechanics and puzzles that serve to add to the landscape players will explore. 

Of course, players will be able to check out all that awaits them on the console version of the game with last year’s launch trailer. The trailer shows off the art style and gameplay of the game. View the full trailer below. 

Scarf is out now on PC via Steam. Players can get their hands on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game on July 6th. So, will you be taking a summer journey with a scarf?