Desolatium, Lovecraftian Graphic Adventure, Coming This Year

A World of the Old Ones 

It’s almost time to dive into a world of darkness, madness, and Lovecraftian insanity. Finding your missing friend won’t be easy, will you be able to face the horrors that await you? Today, SOEDESCO is happy to announce that its award-winning point-and-click adventure, Desolatium, is coming to PC and consoles later this year. Inviting players to a world similar to our own, with the influence of the Great Old Ones thrown in, players will embark on a mysterious quest. A press release provides details on the game and the console versions. Additionally, a demo on Steam gives players their first look at the game. 


Desolatium introduces players to four different characters searching for their missing friend. Importantly, each character has their own characteristics and ways of proceeding through the world around them. Of course, as players progress they will unravel more and more of the mysteries that await them. Soon enough, they will discover a dark path filled with Lovecraftian myths and creatures. Yet, are these creatures real? Is the disappearance of your friend related? 

Excitingly, players can get a look at the game with the demo that SOEDESCO has released on Steam. The demo gives players a taste of what the game entails. For instance, players can get a chance to follow one of the four paths laid out for the characters of the game. Additionally, players get a look at the point-and-click gameplay and the choices that change the game. 

Desolatium is releasing for  PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles later this year.