Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Launches to Action

Re-Enter A World of Adventure

Prepare to return to, or enter, sprawling labyrinths, castles in the sky, and more. This time, players can experience the adventures in fully remastered graphics. That’s right, today ATLUS is happy to announce the launch of Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, the remastered version of three classic games in the series. Of course, the collection invites players back to the iconic lands of Etrian Odyssey I, II, and III promising endless adventure. A press release discusses some of the extra features coming with the Origins Collection. Additionally, a new launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the updated games. 

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection brings players back to the iconic adventures of the Etrian Odyssey games. Players get to descend once again into the labyrinth, a castle in the sky, and deep under the sea in another maze to explore. Importantly, players can customize their party as they embark on these adventures. Of course, this allows players to ensure that they are fully equipped to take on whatever awaits them. 

Excitingly, the remastered versions of the games found in Odyssey Origins each come with new features. For instance, players can expect 24 brand-new character portraits, Remastered graphics, a remastered soundtrack, quality of life improvements, and easy access to the monster compendium, quest log, and skill tree. 

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Players who purchase the Collection by June 14 at 8:00 AM Pacific will receive Character Portrait DLC Sets. Importantly, these portraits feature other prominent characters from ATLUS games including Joker from Persona 5, and Ringo from Soul Hackers 2.