Action RPG Biomutant Will Launch On The Switch In November

Action RPG Biomutant Will Launch On The Switch In November

THQ Nordic is a video game publisher that has released titles such as Jagged Alliance, Stuntfest and Remnant. Previously, the company, along with developer Experiment 101, released its action RPG, Biomutant. It is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The companies have announced that the game will officially release on the Nintendo Switch on November 30th.

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Interested fans can pre-order the game on the Nintendo Switch on its official website here. Thus far, players will only be able to purchase the Standard Edition via Amazon, however they have not confirmed the status of other retailers and editions. In the game, players head to a post-apocalyptic world with a  unique combat style that mixes martial arts, with shooting and mutant abilities.

Players must be able to survive a vibrant world by foot, jet-ski, air-balloon and more. Moreover, there are several distinct areas to explore such as dying wildlands, tunnels, and vast mountains. The possibilities are endless. Story-wise, players will unravel mysteries and save the world as a plague is ruining the land and the Tree of Life is bleeding from its roots. Therefore, the tribes stand divided and the protagonist must bring them together, or they may all fall. Each choice matters and has severe consequences for the safety of the world.

COGConnected provided extensive coverage of the game since its release on other platforms. Interested fans can check out its review here.

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