Hammerwatch II Battling to Release This Summer

Old School Hack-and-Slash 

It’s always a fantastic time when a beloved adventure gets a sequel. Luckily for fans of Hammerwatch, one is right on the horizon. Today, Crackshell and Modus Games are happy to announce that pre-orders are now available for their upcoming hack-and-slash adventure, Hammerwatch II. The sequel to the million-selling original, the new game is re-introducing players to the dungeons of castle Hammerwatch and beyond. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the new announcement trailer for a glimpse of the pixel-art style and gameplay. 

Hammerwatch II

Hammerwatch II introduces players to the Kingdom of Herian. However, the Blight the Horrible and his dragon army have overthrown the king and brought devastation to the land. Yet, a resistance holds strong. Five distinct hero classes are available for players to choose from as they hack-and-slash their way through the land. Importantly, players can choose to go it alone or team up with up to three other players in multiplayer co-op. Of course, players will be able to customize their hero’s appearance, skills, abilities, and equipment, as they level up and adventure through the kingdom. 

Players will be able to explore the world of the game and experience all of its new features. An improved day and night cycle, better AI for enemies, and more will bring the world to life like never before. Of course, players can check the announcement trailer for a better look at the game. Check it out below. 

Hammerwatch II is releasing for PC via Steam. The game will be releasing Summer 2023. Currently, pre-orders are available at the game’s website