Beyond the Long Night Heads to the Dark Mountain Today

A Charming Roguelike 

Nothing like a whimsical world with a time warp. Even better if there’s a deadly storm destroy the world and all who inhabit it. Today, Yogscast Games is happy to announce the release of their charming roguelike Beyond the Long Night. Nominated as a finalist at Develop: Brighton 2022’s Indie Showcase, the game brings players on a twin-stick shooter adventure through the Dark Mountain. A press release gives players more details about the game and its release. Additionally, a launch trailer lets players take a glimpse at the gameplay and art-style. 

Beyond the Long Night, White Text,

Beyond the Long Night brings players to a world caught in a time loop. You find yourself on the Dark Mountain again, and again. Importantly, you need to figure out a way to end this time loop and escape the deadly storm that continues to tear up the world. Of course, the game is a roguelike, meaning you are expected to fail over and over as you uncover the secrets of the mountain. Of course, you will meet a colorful cast of characters as you adventure who you can befriend over various runs. 

Yet, as the storm follows you up the mountain you will be tasked with defeating enemies, solving puzzles, and more. Just ensure you do it quick enough to outrun the storm. Luckily, you will have a whole arsenal of weapons and upgrades at your disposal. Interestingly, the upgrades players use are stackable, leading to devastating combos. Be sure to check out the release trailer for a look at the game play.  

Beyond the Long Night is out now on Steam. So, are you ready to head to the Dark Mountain?