Gord, Dark Fantasy Strategy Game, Releases “Into The Gord” Trailer

Behind the Scenes 

Prepare to step behind the scenes of a world of darkness. A world of deep lore, nightmarish fantasy, and strategy. Today, Covenant.dev and Team17 are happy to reveal the first trailer in a behind the scenes series for their upcoming dark fantasy strategy game, Gord. Inviting fans to enter a dark fantasy world, the trailer is showing off some of the origins and design choices of the game. A press release delves into more details about the game. Of course, the trailer allows players a glimpse of the world, and the darkness they are about to step into. 


Gord places players in the lead of the Tribe of Dawn. In this dark world, the tribe is attempting to make new settlements called Gords. Yet, the world is eerie and full of horrific monsters inspired from Slavic folklore. Players will need to build their humble village from a simple settlement into a fortress, a beacon of light in the dark. Of course, your settlement will not be unopposed. Other tribes, monsters, and even insanity threaten your Gord. Interestingly, the game uses a unique sanity system in which every event, from hunger to deaths, can have an impact on villagers lives and well-being. 

Importantly, the behind the scenes trailer “The Birth of the Gord” delves into the inspirations and origins of the world. Additionally, players get some small glimpses of what they can expect from the gameplay. Check out the developer trailer below. See, the birth of Gord.

Gord is currently in development. It is available to wishlist on Steam. So, what do you think about Gord?