Diplomacy is Not an Option Celebrates a Year of Early Access

An Epic Battle Awaits 

Hear ye, hear ye. A declaration from the king demands celebration, as Diplomacy is Not an Option has been in Early Access for a full year. Today, developer Door 407 is happy to announce new trailers and future updates for their castle siege game, Diplomacy is Not an Option. Having been in the Early Access stage for a year, the developers continue to look towards more updates. Of course, the future release is nearing. Importantly, this celebration is also a time for reflection. A developer blog dives into the details on the game’s past and its future. Furthermore, a new gameplay trailer shows off what is to come from the game. 

Diplomacy is Not an Option

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a city builder, tower defense, game. Players undertake ruling a kingdom as a feudal king. The issue is your kingdom is under siege.  You must build up your settlement and defend it against hordes of monsters, rebellious peasants, and more that would see your entire civilization destroyed. However, defending your city is one thing. But you also must research and develop units as well as face moral dilemmas in the kingdom. 

Of course, new improvements, content, and more are on the way to the game. It has been a long journey through Early Access after all. Importantly you can check out all that’s on the way in the new gameplay trailer for the game. View it below. 

Diplomacy is Not an Option is set for release later in 2023. Currently, it is available on Steam Early Access for $28.99. So, will you be jumping on to the throne and defending your kingdom?