System Shock Remake Release Window Gets Locked In

Shock and Awe

The System Shock Remake has been planned for release date dating back all the way to 2017. This week, Nightdive Studios have announced that the new release window is set for March of this year. That’s it. This is the one. I can feel it. It says on the game’s Steam page and everything.

On the Remake’s Kickstarter page, the development team said that the game is in its last stages. Fingers crossed that they got everything in there that they wanted. After all, they have a lot on their hands regarding System Shock.

System Shock Remake

System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is also on its way. You can actually get it for free when it’s ready if you pre-order System Shock Remake. There is also a VR component to System Shock 2 that they are working on.

The latest message on the Kickstarter page also provides updates on smaller details. They show off short clips of the dismemberment quality, as well as enemy variants and quality of life features. These polishing details were made possible because of Nightdive’s partnership with Prime Matter as the new publisher.

System Shock Remake is expected to come out sometime in March. It will be coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Earlier in the development, Nightdive said it would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but at this point, that might be up in the air.

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