Destiny 2 Offline for 20 Hours, Players Lose Progress in Mass Rollback

2 Hours and 40 Minutes have been Lost from Destiny 2’s History

Bungie once thought that the game’s latest patch would offer players the best experience yet. For the record, they still believe that – but there was a window where things were different. About 20 hours of it, in fact.

The game’s latest patch didn’t take the game offline, but it accidentally deleted certain triumphs, seals, and catalysts. With no easy path to restoration, Bungie eventually made the call to pull the plug. The patch was only live for 2 hours in this state.

20 hours later, a fix was found and the game saw life once more. But that fix involved rollbacks to the official servers – to 40 minutes before the patch launched. Any players who progressed the game while the patch was live have lost their progress to the void. The same is true for anyone who played in those last 40 minutes. These players will need to replay any content they fought through in order to regain their rewards.

Destiny 2’s next expansion, Lightfall, is just over a month from release. Is this a bad omen for things to come? Or are they ironing out issues now, immunizing themselves to problems like this? Were you affected by the lost progress? Make your voice heard in the comments down below!