Amazon Luna Getting Six New Games In February

Six New Adventures 

New games are always an exciting addition to any service or console. Especially when six of them arrive at once. Today, Amazon Luna announced that they will be bringing six new games to the service in February. Six titles will be arriving in total, yet four of them will be joining the service, for free, as part of the Prime Gaming offer. Of course, players using Amazon Luna can look forward to experiencing a variety of games across genres. From grand adventures, to intense fighting games, even racing and an RPG Sim. A press release provides info about each game and what players can expect. 

Amazon Luna

The first of two games coming to Luna+ in February is Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. Players take on the role of a super soldier ninja warrior known as Moonrider. As Moonrider players will take on a totalitarian state in retro style action. 

The second game arriving to Luna+ is Sail Forth. Become a sailor with no memory and explore a vast ocean with distinct biomes. Scavenge for upgrades, treasure, and more. Additionally, they can meet and befriend sailors, expand your crew take on side quests, do battle, and more. 

Of course, four more free games are arriving to the Amazon Luna as a part of the Prime Gaming offer. Importantly these games include the classic, and highly lauded, fighting game Yakuza Kiwami. Additionally, games like Skatebird, WRC Generations, and Potion Permit will all be making their appearance on the Luna. Importantly, players can read more about this in the blog post from team Luna. 

Amazon Luna is also excited to share that now through March 18, anyone can try Luna+ for free for two months. So, which games are you most excited to get your hands on?