Fortnite Arrives to Amazon Luna

Fortnite Heads to the Cloud 

Six years since the game’s release, Fortnite has become a phenomenon. Gamers would be hard-pressed to name another game that has seen fundamental success and has the reach in the industry as Epic’s battle royale. Now, the game arrives to another system. Today, Amazon and Epic Games are happy to announce that Fortnite is now available on the Amazon Luna. Having just expanded the countries the system is available in, the Amazon Luna is bringing Fortnite to a whole new audience. Of course, a press release goes into more detail on the arrival of the game.


Amazon Luna provides gamers with a way to play games through devices they already own. For instance, gamers who have Fire TV will have easy access to Luna. Importantly, the system already has a wide selection of games players can choose from. For instance, casual arcade games, retro classics, and AAA titles, there is something for everyone. Of course, now, Amazon and Epic have brought their most requested game, Fortnite, to the system. 

Fortnite, on the Amazon Luna, is bringing everything players would expect from the game. Players will be able to jump into any game mode like Battle Royale and Creative as well as being able to participate in seasonal events and Unreal editor. Players will be able to access Fortnite with a Prime Membership. However, users without a Prime Membership can still access Amazon Luna games by signing up for Luna+. 

Additionally, Fortnite isn’t heading to the Luna alone. Amazon added even more games to the system. For instance, players can now enjoy games like Wizard Fire and Tormented Souls. For more information head over to the Luna info page