Street Fighter 6 Redesigned Ken Into a Terrorist Suspect

Street Fighter 6’s Version of Ken Is a Suspected Terrorist

Street Fighter 6 fans just got treated to some new story art. However, it would seem that devs decided to redesign the back story for legacy fighter Ken Masters. It would appear that Ken is going to be a terrorist suspect in the upcoming sequel.

This redesign has been the subject of debate on various Street Fighter 6 forums. It sparked conversations about the back story of the fan-favorite character. According to many fans, it would seem that he gives off a “divorced dad” energy. With that said, many fans started to speculate if he really went through a messy divorce.

Street Fighter 6 crossplay

Multiple reports have claimed that the authorities arrested Ken under suspicion of being terrorist. Thankfully, devs will reveal the full details regarding this arc in an upcoming comic series. The comic’s synopsis states that the downtrodden Street Fighter 6 character is actually on the run for a crime that he did not commit.

According to Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama, they meant to do this to give Ken a purpose. “Throughout the series, it seems like his life has become more and more stable,” Nakayama stated. “The team felt like he was losing a reason to fight.”

This new story is going to “create that reason for him to step up.”We want to create that kind of plot line that explains why Ken is important and gives him that purpose,” he added. “The story will be tied to those other characters close to him.

Ken has always been one of the beloved characters from the Street Fighter franchise. With that said, long-time fans are relatively anxious to see how he gets his way out of the predicament he is in for Street Fighter 6. It would be safe to assume that it will involve a lot of thunder kicks and chin busters.

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