Dead Cells Star of Bundle With Collaboration- Everyone Is Here Volume 2

New Looks for the Beheaded

It’s already time to jump back into the roguelike wonder of Dead Cells. Only this time, there’s even more to experience, dress up as, and use on your adventures. Today,  developer Motion Twin is happy to announce the arrival of the Everyone Is Here Volume 2 collaboration for Dead Cells, coming later in November. A press release provides more details about the collaboration. Additionally, a new trailer shows off exactly what players can expect from the collaboration. 

Dead Cells

The Everyone is Here Volume 2 collaboration brings even more content to everyone’s favorite beheaded. In the same vein as the first “Everyone is Here” collaboration, the update is bringing even more costumes, characters, and weapons for players from various other games. Players can look forward to some iconic indie game legends making an appearance. For instance players can expect to see the likes of Shovel Knight, Katana ZERO, Slay the Spire, Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain and Terraria. Of course, each brings it’s own unique skin and weapons. 

Players can check out the new content in the new gameplay trailer. Importantly, the trailer shows off everything players can expect. Check it out below. 

Furthermore, Dead Cells will be making an appearance with all of these other games in a new bundle. The indie-games bundle is now available on Steam. Prices vary, as this is a complete the set type bundle, meaning price is reduced depending on how many games the player owns. So, are you excited to see some of your favorite indie legends appear in Dead Cells?