Callisto Protocol Has Another Preview of Its Zombie Aliens

New Callisto Protocol Preview Showcases the Grunt and the Rusher

Callisto Protocol fans are well aware of how nasty the game’s zombie aliens look. Thankfully for those who want an even closer look, devs just gave the gaming public yet another preview of these scary extraterrestrials.

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Devs treated the gaming community with a breakdown of Below. The Callisto Protocol community knows that Below is one of the game’s terrifying locales. It is a series of tunnels underneath the Black Iron Prison which happens to be the game’s main area. As part of this deep dive, they also gave a sneak peek at two of the enemy Biophages that players will have to face.

Callisto Protocol protagonist Jacob will have to fight these aliens all over the game. Character Designer Glauco Longhi says that the Grunt “bridges the gap between humans and more monstrous creatures.” The monsters within the game are infected with a particular space virus. However, these Grunts carry a very close resemblance to what they used to be.

Rushers, on the other hand, “have this contortionist crooked sort of motion with twisted joints and limbs.” Their movement is very similar to that of a spider’s. They run on walls and jump at the players.

Devs have made it clear that the Callisto Protocol definitely does not shy away from its horror or gory moments. Fans who buy the Contagion Bundle that comes with the season pass get the chance to unlock 13 new ways to brutally murder Jacob.

Meanwhile, the Riot Bundle brings a dozen new enemy death animations. It is a relatively strange thing to tie to DLC. However, it does speak to the creativity of Striking Distance’s kills in the game. The Callisto Protocol’s season pass is part of the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition. Thankfully for fans, it is currently available for pre-order.

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