MMORPG New World’s Brimstone Sands Update Has Officially Released

MMORPG New World’s Brimstone Sands Update Has Officially Released

Amazon Games hopped into the video game world with New World and Lost Ark Online. At its release, players criticized the title however, the developers have made a serious turn-around for the game. The team has now released the game’s largest update, Brimstone Sands, which introduces a new zone, journey, challenges and much more. The team has also released a fun trailer highlighting key aspects of the update. Interested fans can get their hands on New World for PC here.

In the new zone, Brimstone Sands, players will jump into the remnants of an Egyptian kingdom following a war. Here, players will find new enemies, stories to uncover and territories to control. Furthermore, players can get into the Ennead Expedition where they must challenge the Corrupted Legion and delve into ancient ruins to solve puzzles and find new power. Additionally, players can get their hands on the powerful Greatsword Weapon and Heartgem Abilities.

new world blunderbuss new endgame content

The developers have introduced a revamped starting experience by completing redesigning the first twenty-five levels. Players will find optimized quest zones, new enemies, points of interest and challenges. Moreover, interested players can look forward to the release of ‘Fresh Start Servers’ on November 2nd. The community has pointed out that it is now the perfect time to return to New World, as there’s a ton of content and friendly user experience and group finder mechanics.

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