MMORPG New World’s Latest Update Introduces Group Finder Feature

MMORPG New World’s Latest Update Introduces Group Finder Feature

Amazon Game Studios is under the umbrella of the mega-corporation and has released Lost Ark Online and New World over the past year. Both games are fantasy MMOs with their own unique styles. The developers have officially released Update 1.6.4. for New World, which includes a lot of key content, particularly a Group Finder Feature. Players have awaited the release of this feature for months. Interested fans can purchase the game here for $39.99USD.

new world blunderbuss new endgame content

For expeditions, players can now use the Group Finder Tool to find allies instead of the Recruitment Chat. Besides the addition of this feature, the developers have made changes to Sword & Shield weapon combo and to the Outpost Rush by providing additional protection and more.

Furthermore, players will enjoy quality of life changes to the Summer Medleyfaire Event such as adjusted locations, music changes and more. The Event focuses on music through Aeternum as well as the Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition, with three new mutations. Additionally, other notable fixes include PVP issues in Everfall and Reekwater as well as fixes for achievements and titles that were unable to load.

In New World, players jump into a thrilling open-world MMO experience filled with endless possibilities. Players can choose to craft, fight and forge as they explore an island filled with various enemies. Moreover, players can engage in PVP or PVE game modes, each filled with depth and fun options.

What are your thoughts on New World? Have you tried it since its release? Are you interested in trying it out in the future? What do you think of the update? Are you going to use the Group Finder Feature? Is it an improvement for the game? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.