New World’s Fresh Start Servers Will Launch In Early November

New World’s Fresh Start Servers Will Launch In Early November

Amazon Games Studio released New World, an MMORPG, in September 2021 to a ton of hype. Unfortunately, many gamers felt the developers dropped the ball on the title and the community was left disappointed. However, since then, the developers have been pouring content into the game. Recently, the developers announced the release of Fresh Start Worlds, allowing players to have a new journey along with new economies and hopefully, less queue times.

new world blunderbuss new endgame content

Via an official release, the team stated, “We are finally ready to share some information about the Fresh Start worlds! Conquer untouched territory, amass vast wealth, and forge new reputations when Fresh Start Worlds come to Aeternum on November 2.” Furthermore, the developers stated, “We’ve received a lot of requests for Fresh Start Worlds, so we are using the time between the Brimstone Sands release and the opening of these worlds to ensure you have a high quality, fresh start.”

Additionally, players that hop into the new servers must be prepared to earn their coin, loot and more as everything must originate from these servers. Players will not be able to transfer in the worlds and gain an unfair advantage against others. Moreover, players and developers alike are hopeful that the new servers will lessen the queue for getting into the servers.

In the game, players hop into Aeternum, a supernatural open world filled with mystery, treasure, loot and much more. New World is an exciting MMORPG filled with adventure.

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