Overwatch 2’s Bastion Ultimate Slightly Violates the Geneva Convention

Overwatch is Being Carpet Bombed

First, the original Overwatch was taken down. But that’s fine right? Overwatch 2 was coming out the next day!

Then the DDOS attack happened. Oops.

Okay, well, now that the servers have recovered, surely Overwatch players can experience that famous Blizzard polish, right?

And then the robot committed warcrimes.

Bastion’s ‘ultimate’ ability is bugged right now. No, it’s not just a visual bug. He simply carpet bombs an entire map.

You will not find a how-to guide for doing this yourself here. Do not do this, if only for the sake of maintaining other players’ sanity. Overwatch fans have had a rough one so far, don’t make it worse.

Look at this terrified player. Listen to the fear in his voice as Bastion’s barrage slowly creeps its way into his home. Murdering his family, his pets, before finally encroaching on himself.

Jokes aside, this is clearly a bug and will inevitably be patched out of the game within the coming days. Enjoy the clips while they last, but please, don’t attempt this bug in-game. The United Nations will get cranky.

If you’ve faced this bug in-game, or even have some clips to share yourself, please show them off in the comments down below! We won’t be seeing anything like this after a while, so while we probably shouldn’t be popularizing its use, we can still revel in its results. The clips so far have been very entertaining, and will likely continue until the patch inevitably hits Overwatch servers.