Ember Knights Introduces Anville Update

Race Against Machines 

It’s time to enter the cradle of industry in the universe. Prepare to face a whole new set of challenges, knights. Today Asmodia Digital and Doom Turtle’s action roguelike game, Ember Knights, is introducing its latest update. The Explore Anville Update brings a host of new content for players to experience. A press release provides more info on the update itself. Additionally, players can check out the Anville Update trailer for a look at everything coming with the update. 

Ember Knights

With the Anville Update players will explore Anville, The Great Forge. Of course, this place is known as the cradle of industry for the universe and as such players will face wicked machines and deadly traps. Yet that’s not all. This significant update also introduces a whole new game mechanic. With the update enemies and traps can become supercharged, allowing them to gain additional properties and attacks. Importantly, this will make every threat that the Ember Knights face even more dangerous. So, players better be ready. 

Of course Ember Knights is a roguelike adventure so players should expect to fail. This update makes the world of Ember Knights even more dangerous. So, remember to count on your friends to defeat the hordes of dangerous enemies you can expect to find on Anville. Check out the new trailer for the update below. 

The update for Ember Knights is available today. Currently the game is in Early Access on Steam and is priced at $14.99. So, are you ready to explore Anville and all it has to offer?