Necromantic Is Coming Out This Year on Steam Early Access

Become a Student in Necromantic

It’s almost time to start as a freshman at Valorborn Academy! Blinkmoon Games has announced that their upcoming bullet heaven title, Necromantic is coming out on Steam Early Access this year. The release date will be announced sometime in the future. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer below to get a glimpse of the actions awaiting us.

Necromantic is a survivors-like bullet heaven top-down shooter where you play as a new student at Valorborn Academy of Adventurers. It is not a normal school and you can forget everything about all the boring stuff related to it. Instead, the curriculum includes dodging death, flirting with disaster, and impressing your charming classmates.

Pursue your academic aspirations during the day and fight hordes of enemies at night. Keep up the grades, learn about your classmates, and impress the upperclassmen or your crush. All the while perfecting your weapon skills and abilities, completing assignments, and upgrading your standing in the Hall of Records.

The game features a variety of over 40 weapons and abilities that all come from various classes. You can upgrade them in various ways. After the classes are over, you will explore Kathedril, the nearby graveyard of never-endless fun and excitement. Take them out to impress all the kids in the school, and who knows, you might end up being the coolest one among them.