The Long Dark Introduces First Expansion: Tales From the Far Territory

Adding to the Long Dark

It’s time to begin venturing deeper into the world of The Long Dark. Today Hinterland is excited to reveal the first paid expansion for it’s story survival game, The Long Dark. Arriving over the span of a 12-month campaign the expansion, Tales From the Far Territory, is greatly expanding the game’s content. A new press release goes over the roll out plan for the expansion. Additionally, an expansion pass teaser gives more insight into how players will experience Tales From the Far Territory. 

The Long Dark

The expansion is adding to the world of the game. Of course, it will do this by expanding it, significantly. Alongside Tales From the Far Territory is coming three new regions. The first of these regions is known as The Forsaken Airfield. Each region will be connected by long travel zones as well as the hub region. Furthermore, players can look forward to the other two regions revealing themselves over the 12-month expansion pass. In addition to the regions, players can look forward to three new tales, new gameplay systems and new music. 

Importantly, the new teaser goes over the expansion and how the pass will work. Of course, players who purchase the pass will have access to every new piece of content the passes offer as they arrive. Check out the new teaser below. 

The Long Dark: Tales From the Far Territory expansion pass will be available for purchase come December. Of course, it will be priced at $19.99 and is available on Steam.