Cooler Master Unveils New Keyboard- CK720

Customization for Enthusiasts 

The world of gaming keyboards is a big place. There are so many different kinds to choose from, and each offer a different user experience. Yet, for those gamers who are serious about their keyboard, there’s a new opportunity for you. Today Cooler Master unveiled their new, and first featuring hot swappable switches, mechanical keyboard: The CK720. Focusing on customization, this 65% keyboard’s design keeps keyboard collectors and builders in mind. A press release goes into detail on the new keyboard. Additionally, the release provides insights from Peripheral General Manager, Dennis Liu. 

Cooler Master

The CK720 is a 65% gaming keyboard that includes several new features to provide a unique customization experience. Of course these features provide the ability for users to change everything from the feel of typing to appearance and sound. For instance the CK720 includes hot swappable switches, RGB backlighting, removable aluminum top plate, and more. 

“The CK720 is our answer to a niche segment of the hobby that we’ve seen explode in recent years,” says Dennis Liu, Peripheral General Manager, “Although gaming keyboards remain an essential offering of our company, we couldn’t ignore the outpouring of feedback from our fans who wanted our signature quality in a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard.” 

Furthermore, the CK720 also features many quality of life improvements. These improvements include new Cooler Master stabilizers and silicone padding on the PCB and filling the bottom plate. Of course these improvements, among others, will ensure the best user experience and a more satisfying clack. 

Cooler Master’s new keyboard, the CK720, is available now. Fans can head over to the Cooler Master’s Amazon page to order the keyboard, as well as get a better look at it. 

SOURCE: Press Release