Cooler Master MM712 Gaming Mouse Review – Your New Zippy Friend

Cooler Master 712 Gaming Mouse Review

In addition to having a tail and a vaguely rodent shape, computer mice have another similarity to their furry namesakes. They appear in prolific numbers. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect mouse, another one comes along to grab your attention. Lately, Cooler Master has been releasing a slew of gaming mice, often in wired/wireless pairs. A very short while ago I auditioned the MM310, and now the MM712 has slid onto my mousepad for a look-see.

Light Weight, Closed Design

Cooler Master’s MM711 was an extremely lightweight mouse thanks to it’s distinctive, open-weave chassis. The new MM712 captures the featherweight feel of the MM711 but in a more traditional, classic closed design. Virtually all the specs are the same:  a total weight of <59g, gaming-grade optical sensor adjustable up to 19,000DPI, pure PTFE feet for superior glide and movement, ultra weave detachable charging cable, and hybrid 2.4GHz and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capability.

As an added bonus, the MM712 has updated microswitches rated at 70 million clicks and an extremely fast response time. While the MM712 is marketing as a gaming mouse, it goes without saying it needs to be useful as an everyday peripheral as well.

A Modern Classic

The MM712 is an ambidextrous mouse optimized for right-handers, with the two thumb buttons on the left. It’s designed for a palm grip, versus the MM711’s claw grip position. It’s also 9mm shorter than the MM310, which makes it more comfortable for gamers with average to small hands. The difference might not seem like much but under the hand it’s definitely noticeable. Weight-wise, the MM712 comes in a few grams heavier than the MM310 but around a gram less than the MM711. Bottom line, the MM712 is a light and fast mouse just like its cousins.

A six button mouse, the MM712 supports all the basic functions and its performance can be fine-tuned using Cooler Master’s Master + software. The software is Windows only. However, connecting the MM712 to a Mac using Bluetooth or the WiFi dongle worked without a hitch.

Like all of Cooler Master’s recent gaming mice, the MM712 felt fast and responsive thanks to its silicone PTFE feet and extreme lightweight. It’s a perfect match for gamers where speed and accuracy are the primary drivers behind a purchase. Aesthetically, the MM712 would fit into nearly every system’s design. It’s simple and classic, but less charitable folks might dismiss it as a rather generic-looking mouse. The subtle indentations for the fingers guide the hand into comfortable placement more than those on the MM310.

Speed Bumps

While the MM712 connected and worked perfectly with the provided WiFi dongle or cable, I could only get a sporadic connected with my Windows machine via Bluetooth, even after a firmware update. Windows recognized the mouse but it would not reliably connect. The Master + software also crashed when attempting to update the device’s firmware. Since other Cooler Master products connected without issue, I suspect there might be a bug or two in the firmware that still needs to be addressed. As noted, I had no issues with using the mouse with MacOS.

Aside from the Bluetooth connection issue, the MM712 performed very well. It’s fast and if speed and lightweight are must-have features in your gaming rig peripherals, this mouse gets the job done. As always, mice are not just interchangeable tools. They’re extensions of your body and not every mouse is comfortable for every hand. If you’re a right-handed gamer with relatively small hands, the MM712 might be a perfect fit.

***MM712 provided by Cooler Master for review***

The Good

  • Super light and fast
  • Simple design fits any desktop
  • Performance can be fine tuned

The Bad

  • Bluetooth connection issues
  • Might be a little small for some users
  • Right-handed only
  • Aesthetics are underwhelming