The Mortuary Assistant Is Set for a Live Action Film Adaptation

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If you are a fan of scary games, you may have heard of a little game called The Mortuary Assistant. It came out officially in early August. The indie game has been a hit with critics and streamers, and is a treasure trove for scares.

The Mortuary Assistant has also captured the attention of people outside the gaming-sphere. According to a Deadline exclusive, the game’s publisher DreadXP and Epic Pictures Group are planning a feature film adaptation. The director attached to the project is Jeremiah Kipp, who directed 2021’s Slapface, also distributed by Epic Pictures Group.

Mortuary Assistant

The story of the game has Rebecca Owens starting her job as a mortician, but it becomes more than she bargained for. Along with embalming bodies, she also must contend with demons who have bound themselves to her. There are also sequences where she must also face the metaphorical demons of her past.

The Mortuary Assistant joins the long list of video game movies that will be coming out in the next few years. It will be interesting to see what cinematic direction the film will take. The way the scary moments in the game present themselves may translate well to the found footage style, like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity.

Rebecca’s story unfolds over multiple runs of the game and might not be right in front of every player. Hopefully, the film can tell the story in a more straightforward way.

The Mortuary Assistant is available now on PC. The film based on the game has no details regarding release. DreadXP is expected to appear at PAX West this week and may shed some light on this project.

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