The Mortuary Assistant Developers Making a Creepshow Game

Cause I’m a Creep

DarkStone Digital, the developer of The Mortuary Assistant, is reportedly developing a new game. It will be based on the horror film and TV series Creepshow. The series is an anthology, so the films and episode of the show all have different stories. The game will be following the same format.

If you watched Tales From the Crypt Keeper as a kid, Creepshow was basically the original. Short isolated stories for giving you chills. DreadXP is also on board for the game. DreadXP is the publisher of the Dread X Collection games, which is also a horror anthology series.


According to Variety, the Creepshow game will be coming multiple, but unconfirmed platforms in 2024. From a content support perspective, an anthology series would be perfect for episodic DLC or title updates. That should keep players coming back for more. You can have that one for free, DarkStone Digital.

The Creepshow TV series have been streaming on Shudder since 2019. It was renewed for a fourth season earlier this year and is expected to premier in 2023. In a reversal of video game/film adaptations, The Mortuary Assistant is being turned into a live action film.

Creepshow is expected to come out in 2024. In the meantime, The Mortuary Assistant is available on PC.

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