Marauders Bringing Hardcore Shooting to Early Access in October

Looting and Shooting 

Welcome to a world where the Great War never ended. This is the 1990’s like you’ve never seen it before. Today,  Small Impact Games is happy to announce that their looter shooter, Marauders, is entering Early Access on October 3rd. A press release about the game provides more info about its background and mechanics. Additionally, an Early Access reveal trailer gives players a tiny glimpse of the sci-fi setting. 


Marauders introduces players to an Earth that has been devastated. Of course, with the Great War never ending Earth has been industrialized to breaking point. Importantly this left many to flee to the stars. However, this has turned Earth into a hostile battleground, and the stars aren’t safe either. Players will descend to Earth to take part in intense FPS raids, dealing with combat encounters with realistic bullet simulation against enemy teams and AI opponents. Furthermore, the battle extends to the stars with active sci-fi dogfights. Your goal? Get looting, keep shooting, and stay alive to keep your gear to make a profit. 

Of course, players can get a small look at the style of the game in the new Early Access teaser trailer. The trailer gives off the themes of the game, showing dieselpunk starships floating through space as well as the gritty and brutal ground combat. 

Marauders is releasing into Steam Early Access on October 3rd. Currently the game is available for pre-order. So, do you think you have what it takes to make it as a Marauder? Or will you end up just another corpse?