Hunt: Showdown Will Have Pilotable Flying Bug for Spying on Opponents

Hunt: Showdown May Have Flying Surveillance Bug Soon

Hunt: Showdown devs have teased the gaming public in the last two days about an upcoming feature. Apparently, devs are working on a new creature for the game. There will be a flying surveillance bug that players can pilot. They can use this new creature for spying on their opponents. 

Devs shared an image that focused on the return of the Billy Story promotional skin. This is a likeable homage to Daniel Day Lewis’ character from the award-winning movie Gangs of New York. However, eagle-eyed fans spotted something interesting in the image.

hunt showdown pilotable flying bug spying

They saw a flying beetle that Hunt: Showdown players have never seen before. It seems a bit out of precedent for Crytek to just add this scarab plainly for decoration. Fans believe that devs will not show it in detail if they do not have plans of backing it up with something concrete. True enough, they did exactly that a day after.

Current findings are relatively new and scientists have yet to conclude their research,” devs wrote on social media. “We can only assume that further information will be revealed in the near future regarding this species and their origins.”

The announcement came with a short clip that showed a first-person camera patrolling Hunt: Showdown’s prison compounds. Fans can hear a creepy exoskeletal sound. The heavily vignetted vision pulses in rhythm with a heartbeat. Fans are positive that this could be their flying bug.

However, it is worth noting that devs have neither confirmed nor denied that such bug feature exists. The Hunt: Showdown community will find out as soon as next month. 

This is not the first time that the franchise had bugs in its story line. Hunt already has a bug-based boss that shifts in and out of humanoid form and splits into copies of itself.

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