Diablo 4 Is Sending Out Invites for Its End Game Beta

Diablo 4 Endgame Beta Invites Are Reportedly Being Sent Out

Diablo 4 devs have reportedly started to send out invites for the first wave of its closed end game beta. Multiple fans have shared on social media that they received invites to the game’s latest testing phase. 

Those who got invites are given the opportunity to sample a range of content that will be available after they complete the campaign. This includes Whispers of the Dead, Paragon Boards, Nightmare Dungeons, Fields of Hatred, and Helltide. 

Diablo 4

We have decided to focus the closed beta on Diablo 4’s endgame offerings for a few reasons,” devs announced a week ago. “The full story of Lilith’s return to Sanctuary is not something we would like to spoil prior to release.”

“For many, the endgame is their favorite aspect of Diablo,” they added. “We want to ensure it feels satisfying and with no shortage of challenging variety to experience across many, many demon-slaying gaming sessions.”

Diablo 4 players will get to experience a post-campaign Sanctuary during the closed endgame beta. It will be playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The beta will support both crossplay and cross-progress for all of the aforementioned platforms.

According to Diablo 4 devs, they sent out a large yet limited number of beta invites. However, they ony did so to those who recently spent lots of time playing the endgame experiences of the franchise’s other installments.

The game is due for launch in sometime in 2023. However, devs have confirmed that its public testing phases will begin early next year. Still, 40 minutes of its footage seemingly made its way to the Internet earlier this month. This supposed leak may be enough to tide fans over until the game’s official release.

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